Our mission

Sapiens Plurum (Latin for “wisdom of many”) was named to reflect humankind’s evolving connected intelligence. Our mission is to inspire us — the first species that can intentionally impact its own evolution — to aspire beyond what was humanly possible. The rising generation, the Sapiens Plurum generation, will have the power of gods of ancient myth: to heal, to transform, to battle and to better the future of humankind, to overcome problems that have plagued civilization for millennia: thirst, hunger, disease, pollution, brutality, tyranny and environmental degradation.

Board members

Jeanne Dietsch

Jeanne is co-founder and former CEO of MobileRobots Inc, a global leader in intelligent research robotics. Her work there resulted in several patents in autonomous navigation and a grant …

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Dr. Iyabo Obsanjo

Iyabo teaches Public Health courses at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. She has as PhD in Epidemiology from Cornell University and a Master’s from University of California, Davis.

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Dr. Judy Goldsmith

Judy is full professor of Computer Science at University of Kentucky. Goldsmith has been active in the artificial intelligence (AI) research community since 1996, and has published heavily cited and award …

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Ariel Conn

Ariel is the Founder of Mag10 Media & Consulting, and she was formerly the Director of Communication and Outreach at the Future of Life Institute. Her work covers AI safety, AI policy …

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Elizabeth Mattei

Elizabeth is an advocate for environmental and conservation issues. She is a freelance nature photographer and science fiction enthusiast. Mrs. Mattei graduated from the University of Kentucky …

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Alex Panait

Alex has been writing production-ready software for more than twenty years. He has a Masters in Computer Science and has worked in many technical roles across several industries. He is familiar with …

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Why Peterborough NH?

If you wonder why Sapiens Plurum is in Peterborough, just take a look at the town’s EDA website and video! Read about our 100% renewable energy use in government, our mindful communities, local farms, music festival, makerspace, artist colony and tech manufacturing.


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